Who we are

We are a network of entrepreneurs unlocking innovation at corporations. We help those, who fancy a change, to embrace disruptive technologies and drive the digital transformation with unique ideas and a hands-on approach. We call this startup-as-a-service.


We come up with better ideas. Not because we are more creative or smarter than anyone else. We just know when to follow-up and when to better trash an idea. The secret lies in actively involving the customer. They guide our creative output to match their actual needs.


We have a strong mix of talent, which is difficult to beat. Each of us is an entrepreneur with heart and soul. We, therefore, share the same fundamentals, which everyone complements with their individual expertise and interest. This allows us to respond to almost every challenge.


We have doer qualities. However important it is to talk about ideas, significant progress can only be made if made visible and tangible. We, therefore, iteratively develop prototypes, which we constantly test and drive forward with the customer.

Stories from the future

1week1startup: Wie wir eine Idee innerhalb einer Woche in einen Prototypen verwandeln

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Unsere Erfahrungen haben gezeigt, dass es gerade großen Unternehmen schwer fällt, Innovationen konsequent und vor allem kundenorientiert voranzutreiben. Dabei hilft das Visualisieren von Ideen, das Team mitzunehmen und Arbeitsergebnisse immer wieder schnell und praxisnah zu testen. Jede Innovation hat ein bestimmtes Zielpublikum, für das es ein Problem lösen soll. Ein (erster) Prototyp stellt dabei eine greifbare Version einer Idee dar,…

Quick test a business opportunity

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The starting situation In 2017, WITTE Digital launched their retrofit solution for digitising car access, originally known by the name of WAVE. The product was initially designed for the B2B market. Occasional conversations and interviews with customers though showed that there was interest also in a B2C version.The challenge Based on the initial market feedback, WITTE started a project with…

Ten principles of innovation

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Back in the 70s, one of the most remarkable industrial designers of our times, Dieter Rams, was becoming increasingly concerned by the "confusion of forms, colours and noises". It led him to come up with ten principles for good design. Almost half a century later, we are experiencing similar perplexities, when it comes to innovation. A growing number of firms…


ideas turned into products


iteration loops processed


advanced applications built


startups founded

What we do

We have helped some of the most well-established industries and companies to embrace emerging technologies and trends to maintain a future-proof position. These are some examples of areas we have built up expertise in.

If you want to learn more about our references and how we have contributed to solving some of today’s big questions, feel free to reach out to us.

How we work


Most of our projects start with a phase of unlimited imagination and fresh ideas. Although some clients might have a rough picture of where the future will lead them, most do not know how to actively take over the steering wheel, let alone which direction to take. We help stimulate the initial design thinking with out-of-the-box ideas and a new point of view.


Every idea is only as good as the problem it solves. This is why we actively involve the customer throughout the process. We continuously test new ideas by surveying, interviewing, observing, and sometimes even researching people and their needs. This is how we interpret a human-centred approach.


You only know, if your idea is any good, once you test it with your customer. We, therefore, develop various prototypes to evolve in many iterations. As first-hand entrepreneurs, we are very much driven by the lean startup methodology, which allows us to develop market-ready products more rapidly and efficiently.

Do you want to see what is possible in just one week?

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We are hiring

Working at Wyte is about evolving creatively and growing personally while making a change in the world. Both in the big and the small way.


We are a young company with open-minded people ready to break with the status quo. Of course, we work hard at times, which does not necessarily mean long hours though. Great ideas need contemplate moments of pause and reflection to flourish. Hence, we encourage both a good work-life balance as well as the self-responsibility to stimulate inspiration.


We are especially interested in “double hats”. In other words, candidates, who combine very different competencies, talents or even hobbies in one person. We are looking for the unusual and apparent conflicting, which makes one unique and special. If you are one of them, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to also initiate an application of your own.

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